Benefit Water - Launching Soon!

As with most people we’ve cut down massively on drinking carbonated soft drinks and have switched to sparkling water as a healthier replacement, but there’s something missing – FLAVOUR and apart from hydration any health benefits!

A couple of years ago we set about developing a soft drink that we could enjoy with the knowledge that it was also doing us some good.  After a lot of recipe development, testing and drinking we believe we’ve hit the sweet spot – albeit without any sugar or sweeteners. 

Benefit Water is a range of great-tasting, naturally flavoured, unsweetened sparkling spring waters (some people know them as seltzers).  We’ve taken carbonated artisan water, blended it with natural fruit flavours and enriched them with functionality.  The products contain zero sugar, zero sweeteners and no or VERY low calories!  As we like to say, Bubbles with Benefits.

The range is launching in late 2019 and will be available to order online directly from us or through other platforms.  We will also be seeking stockists and have been having some positive conversations with retailers who are looking to launch the range in 2020.

The range consists of three great-tasting flavours, all with different benefits, which we feel will give people a helping hand to a healthier lifestyle.

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